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Carpet Cleaning In New Haven

In & Out Cleaning Services for New Haven

Move in and move out cleaning services for the busy city of New Haven, CT. We’ve been in the Carpet Cleaning Industry for years, but recently expanding to help with In & Out Cleaning Services as well.  

Whether you recently moved into a home, or are selling your house and want to get top dollar then we are the service for you. You can trust that our Move in and Move out Cleaning Services have the lowest rates and prices in the New Haven Area. 

Buying a new home is a serious investment, and can be a very stressful situation. Take a moment to look at our services below, and find service package that works for you.  Investing in the longevity of your home is equally important.  

First impressions are everything. What impression do you want to give when your realtor shows your home to a new client? Our professional move out services will give your home a great first impression. Take a look at our In & Out Services below or give us a call at (203) 712-0906

Your Bathroom and Toilets:

  • Inside window cleaning
  • Moping and disinfecting the floors
  • Scrub and sanitize the showers, sink and tiles
  • Disinfect, scrub and sanitize high traffic areas
  • Restore shine to mirrors and windows
  • Clean shower head
  • Remove grime around shower head and drain

Kitchen Area:

  • Clean and scrub floors
  • Cleanse washing machine with specialized solution
  • Disinfect all kitchen surfaces
  • Clean sinks & taps
  • Purge garbage disposal unit 
  • Remove harmful bacteria from high traffic areas
  • Complimentary safety check on all kitchen appliances

Living Room, Dining Room and Bedrooms:

  • Vacuum or shampoo all carpets
  • Deep clean or refinish all hardwood floors
  • Basic clean on all upholstery
  • Discounted price on deep upholstery clean
  • Clean and disinfect all skirting boards
  • Polish and protect window ledges & door frames
  • Complimentary duct blockage analysis

Move in & Move out Cleaning Specials

New Haven Carpet Cleaning offers the best move in and move out cleaning specials in the City of New Haven. When you order Move in & Move out cleaning ask about our specials. You’ll be saving a lot of money!