New Haven, CT has a ton of questions about our Organic Carpet Cleaners

Organic Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Have Questions about our Organic Carpet Cleaning Service in New Haven?

We receive tons of questions about our New Haven Organic Carpet Cleaning Service! All the questions we get are great, and get us excited to answer. To stream line the process we can spend less time on the phone we’ve created the Organic Carpet Cleaning FAQ for all of our New Haven customers to browse through.  

Take a look below, because chances are that you’re question has already been answered.  If it hasn’t, and you’d like to get an answer then give us a call at (203) 712-0906.

What makes your organic carpet cleaning actually organic?

Great question, our organic carpet cleaning is actually organic because we use only Green Seal Certified products. Green Seal is a independent nonprofit company that focuses on guarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by only allowing products that meet their strict qualifications to wear their label.  

Is Organic Carpet Cleaning more expensive than regular carpet cleaning?

Organic Carpet Cleaning should actually be less expensive! Most carpet cleaning companies in New Haven, and throughout Connecticut charge extraordinary amounts for organic carpet cleaning. Our state of the art carpet cleaning system harnesses the power of industrial strength to give you the clean you want without the chemicals you don’t.  

If your carpet cleaner is trying to charge you more for organic carpet cleaning just find a different carpet cleaner. There are tons of great carpet cleaners in New Haven.

What parts of New Haven do you offer Organic Carpet Cleaning?

Pro Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners offers organic carpet cleaning service throughout all of New Haven, CT. We love the city of New Haven from its busy downtown to the outskirts where life is a little simpler. New Haven is a great city to have a business in, and we do carpet cleaning in all of it!

We’ve been doing Organic Carpet Cleaning in Connecticut for years, and now serve more than just Mew Haven. Our Carpet Cleaning service is available in Stamford, Danbury, Fairfield, Ridgefield, and Greenwich.

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Does organic carpet cleaning clean as well as regular carpet cleaning?

Absolutely! Organic carpet cleaning actually does a better job than regular, chemical laced carpet cleaning. The only drawback that our customers in New Haven regularly complain about is the drying time. When doing carpet cleaning organically, there is a much longer drying time for the carpets. Although most of our clients in the city of New Haven don’t mind that extra bit of drying time there are certainly a few that do.  

Are the chemicals that regular carpet cleaners use that bad for your health?

There is a reason that most organic carpet cleaning companies charge more than conventional carpet cleaners. The reason is two hold. First, organic carpet cleaning is more effective and won’t damage carpets like chemical heavy solvents will. Secondly, there are two main chemicals used in regular carpet cleaning that you should definitely avoid.  

Perchloroethylene which is commonly referred to as PERC is a regularly used chemical by most carpet cleaners that can easily cause dizziness, lack of energy, and will create nausea when inhaled. The second chemical on the naughty list is Naphthalene a harmful solvent that is considered to be toxic to the central nervous system. 

Do you do any organic carpet washing outside of New Haven, CT?

We absolutely handle organic carpet wash jobs outside of New Haven, CT.  We currently perform carpet washing in Danbury, Fairfield, Bridgeport, Stamford, Newtown, and Ridgefield.  Even if you didn’t find your local CT city or town, but your nearby New Haven than just give us a call at (203) 712-0906.

Is your Spot Cleaning also organic?

Yes, our spot cleaning services in New Haven are also organic. We use different enzymes to break down the stain instead of just lathering up cleaning solution. We don’t need to keep our fingers crossed in hope that our enzymes will break down the stain. The stain removal process is proven to succeed even on the toughest stains like coffee and wine. 

How much does Organic Carpet Cleaning Cost?

We get a lot of calls from our local New Haven customers asking how much organic carpet cleaning costs. Although we can’t give you an exact number over the internet, our professionals would be happy to give you a free quote over the phone. There are many different factors that can impact the price of our carpet cleaning service from the room size, type of carpeting, and location.

If you have other questions about the exact cost of organic carpet cleaning than simply contact our carpet cleaning experts.