The Newest thing in New Haven that our Carpet Cleaners have been doing for years!

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Organic Carpet Cleaning Service located in New Haven, Connecticut

Organic Carpet Cleaning is the new rave in New Haven, but we’ve been doing it for years!  Nowadays everyone is asking for eco-friendly, environmentally safe, chemical-free, green, and all natural cleaning products.

We get a ton of calls requesting organic carpet cleaning, and the caller is often surprised!  We’re huge believers in the need to get those harmful chemicals out of our lives.  It’s unbelievable that the ingredients of those ‘Do It Yourself’ cleaning solutions on the shelves of Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Our Organic Carpet Cleaners will clean better than any other Carpet Wash Service

You heard it right! Our 100% organic cleaning solutions actually clean better than the chemical laced cleaners most other carpet cleaning companies use. 

Harmful chemicals may make your carpets look just as clean, but leave a stink. Walking into your home after your carpets haven’t been cleaned in 5 years is a wonderful experience. Walking into your home after getting organic carpet cleaning, and knowing your kids can play safe is a much better feeling.

Why Choose us for your Organic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in New Haven

In a nutshell – we’re the best carpet cleaners in New Haven.  

Our Carpet Cleaning Company began with just my son & I like I talked about on the homepage or the about page.

I had been flipping homes throughout Georgia, and doing well in it. I did so well because I could take a dirty home, and make it clean again at record speed.  

When my son was about to graduate high school we had a talk. I told him he could go to college, and I’d pay for it or he could start a carpet cleaning company and I’d pay him.

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He took the second choice, but I insisted that this won’t be one of those quick clean and leave businesses. We’ll do right by our customers in New Haven, Greenwich or wherever because its the right thing to do.  

Hence, the birth of our Organic Carpet Cleaning Business. We do it organically because we care.  

We get a ton of questions about our organic carpet cleaning services in New Haven. To answer all those questions we’ve created the organic carpet cleaning faq.

The Organic, Eco-Friendly, Green and Environmentally Carpet Cleaners

Organic Call it what you want, but know that our organic, eco-friendly, environmentally safe carpet cleaning really does a green clean. The advanced carpet cleaning equipment we have uses industrial strength deep cleaning power. Years ago this power was only available with a truck mount outside, and cleaning those apartments in New Haven high rises was difficult.

Now we have completely portable carpet cleaning equipment. We’re able to get into any apartment, condo, or home in New Haven. The other companies around the city of New Haven don’t have this equipment, and are probably still using harsh chemicals to clean with.  

Sure we could charge an arm and a leg for our green carpet cleaning service, but we’d be the whole foods of carpet cleaning. We won’t break our commitment to our customers. We’ll do right by our clients throughout CT, and offer organic carpet cleaning at a less than organic price. Give us a call today at (203) 712-0906.