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Rug Cleaning in New Haven, CT

New Haven Rug Cleaning Service

Need Rug Cleaning in New Haven, CT? Our professional cleaners handle oriental, Persian, and area rug cleaning with ease.  

Although you might see many Groupon ads for low cost area rug cleaning specials be wary! Trusting your expensive Persian rug to be cleaned by a discount professional could cost you a whole new rug! You wouldn’t buy a living social skydiving ticket would you?!  

Most Oriental Rug Cleaning Companies just clean specifically rugs instead of Carpets, Upholstery and similar services. Despite their perceived durability most rugs are very delicate, and due to their expense only the most seasoned professional will to handle them.

Give us a call today at (203) 712-0906 for a Quote to get your rugs cleaned. 


We've finally included Rug Cleaning in our New Haven Cleaning Services list!

New Haven Carpet Cleaning includes Oriental Rug cleaning in our services list because we have the expertise to handle these precious family heirlooms. Similar to refinishing an antique hardwood floor there is a lot that can go wrong while cleaning a rug especially when its been in the family for years.

Our uniquely formulated cleaning solution gives the aggressiveness that you desire to get rid of stains that have been beaten into the rug for years on end. On the other hand our specialized solution is sensitive enough for even the oldest and most delicate of rugs. Let us take care of your rug today!