Remove Wine, Coffee and Urine Stains from your Carpets

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Spot Cleaning & Stain Removal Services in New Haven, CT

Need to get your CoffeeUrine or Wine Stains removed from your Carpeting? We offer spot treatment services throughout New Haven, CT to get those rid of those annoying stains for good. 

Pet Urine Removal is just part of life when you own a pet. On the floor is no biggie, but when its on your new white carpet or oriental rug then that’s a different story.  

The smell, the thought that your basically sitting on it, its just gross. In most cases people turn to a handy pet soil treatment from the local hardware store which only masks the smell instead of removing it. Our Carpet Cleaning Service handles wine, urine, coffee, and other stains with ease. 

Here are some quick facts about Urine & Soil Removal.

  • You need a professional. If you have tried to remove the stench yourself, the chances are in your pets favor that his accident is still lingering.  


  • In order to treat it we need to find all of it. Chances are that when we bring our black light out you’ll want to hurry into the other room before you notice the “interesting” places your pet has urinated. 


  • Pet Urine Treatment is safe for your family. Most people think to get out a bad soil you need harsh chemicals. Most people also think that Sasquatch exists. Our treatment is environmentally safe and doesn’t turn your couch into a radioactive zone.

Give us a call when you get tired of sitting on certain parts of the couch or walking around different parts of the carpet. We will gladly take care of your best friend’s accident, and give you tips on how to treat it immediately in the future. Click here to call us at (203) 712-0906 or request a quote with the form on the right.