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Water Damage Restoration Service

Water Restoration Services in New Haven

Flood Damaged Flooring and Water Damage can cause serious long term issues to your floors in a short period of time.  We have had a great deal of hands on experience dealing with flooded in houses and businesses in New Haven, CT.

Hardwood flooring appears to handle excess water easier than carpeting, but beneath the surface bumps are starting to form. Over time this small bumps can cause warping and can even cause structural damage underneath.  

We know that ‘Structural Damage’ sends a shiver up your spine, and you immediately think of how much it’ll cost or how long you’ll have to wait till its done.  

Rest assured that we provide affordable pricing, and are will beat the competitions pricing. Give us a call today at (203) 712-0906!

Personal Flood Damage Analysis for your New Haven Home.

Follow these steps below to properly assess your water damage so we can give you most accurate quote.

  1. Note down approximately when the damage occurred, and if it is continuous.
  2. Take a moment to look around to see if anything needs to be removed from the damaged area to repair the damage. Unless there is a piano over the soaked carpet this won’t cause an additional charge.
  3. Look to see if there is any warping, floor bumps or if the carpet is still wet. Notice any smell, odor, or discoloration with the area.
  4. Give us a call with this information, and we’ll give you a no obligation quote over the phone as well as our availability and approximate repair time. 

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Water Remediation, Floor Damage Restoration and Water Removal Reviews and Testimonials from New Haven Residents

Our Art shop is conveniently located on the bottom floor of a pet store.  We get a lot of traffic, but during a storm there were some heavy winds which caused a few of their 100 gallon tanks to topple over.  Not the most convenient location for us anymore!  Luckily my wife was working late when the storm happened and hear a loud crash.  It was 9:30 at night, and within an hour the New Haven’s Best cleaners were soaking up all the water from upstairs.  Thankfully only a few of our paintings were ruined, and it count have been a lot worse!  We owe our lively hood to their fast response time.  
~George, New Haven, CT.

We owe our business to New Haven Carpet Cleaners because they made it a point to get to us before the secondary damage set in.  On October 29th, 2012 when hurricane Sandy made quick left hook right into the eastern united states we thought for sure that we’d never be able to recover.  Our Mattress Resale Business was located on the ground level of a building, and all of our floor models were basically ruined.  My husband Steve knew Eric from his college years, and was able to get him over here ASAP.  Theses professionals were able to save most of our floor models, and repair the damage done to our showroom.  We were one of the first businesses back up, and running in the area thanks to Eric’s crew.  
~Sarah, City of New Haven.