Why Carpet Cleaning New Haven should be your #1 Choice for Clean Carpets.

We Do Steam Cleaning in New Haven

Attention New Haven: Our Steam Cleaning Service is unbeatable.

That’s right – our Steam Cleaning Service in New Haven will get your dirty carpets “super clean”. Steaming out the dirt of your carpeting is one of the best ways to get them looking clean again.

We don’t just do Steam Cleaning, but instead we love to steam clean. Our Carpet Cleaning Company was built from the ground up to get you the best carpet cleaning in New Haven that money back buy. You can read all about our Carpet Cleaning Company by clicking the link.

We have an interesting history, and are in the business because we know that the value behind our expert steam cleaning far outweighs the local competition around the City of New Haven. 

Give us a call today for Steam Cleaning Service at (203) 712-0906.

What is Steam Cleaning?

Steam Cleaning is a rather ancient way of looking at getting your carpets cleaned. People throughout Connecticut, and especially New Haven, CT still associate Steam Cleaning with the best way to get their carpets cleaned. Hence this page on our Carpet Cleaning website is devoted to 100% steam cleaning service.

There are still Carpet Cleaning Companies throughout CT that to strictly “steam cleaning”, but lately people are learning that the carpet cleaning industry has advanced over the last 5 years. Truth is that now, almost every Carpet Cleaning Business does Steam Cleaning in some way.  

Steam Cleaning is the process of pushing water into the carpet and then sucking it out. Our Rotovac 360i Carpet Cleaning machine does just that while removing stains, and shampooing your carpets. Give us a call today (203) 712-0906.

Organic Steam Cleaning Service in New Haven

Our Steam Cleaning service in New Haven, CT is much different than the Stanley’s Steamers, Heaven’s Best, and Triple S Carpet & Upholstery cleaners because we our steam cleaning is 100% organic. Instead of pushing chemical solutions to get your carpets clean we use only the highest quality eco-friendly solutions.

Being Organic, Eco-Friendly, Environmentally Safe or whatever you want to call it definitely separates our service from the rest of the dry steam cleaner services in New Haven. We’ve made our name by being the only organic carpet cleaning business in New Haven, CT.

Out of all the Companies in New Haven... Why Choose our Steam Cleaning Services?

Our Steam Cleaning Equipment is Superior

Instead of using either a Carpet Cleaning wand, or a Steam cleaner we’ve combined the portability of a carpet wand with the power of a steam cleaner. Our advanced carpet cleaning equipment will make sure you get the best clean for your hard earned money. 

We're the only eco-friendly Steam Cleaners in New Haven, CT

Many of the other Steam Cleaning Services in New Haven push harmful chemicals into your carpets in order to clean them. Our steam cleaning only uses the best eco-friendly solutions. In fact our environmentally safe cleaning solutions are more powerful than the heavy chemical cleaners.

Our Steam Cleaning service will remove your stains too

That’s right – our Steam Cleaning service will remove those wine stains you’ve been hiding with strategically placed decorations. From wine stains to urine & coffee stains our Steam Cleaning service will remove all of them. We’ll simply apply a enzyme based stain removal solution to begin breaking down the stain while our steam cleaner does the work.