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A Letter from New Haven, Connecticut's Best Carpet Cleaning Service

Dear New Haven, CT home owner,

We are 2nd generation family-owned and operated company.  We started Carpet Cleaning New Haven which located in New Haven, CT.  

We’ve been doing carpet cleaning in New Haven for years.  Our team has done over a thousand cleaning jobs from carpet wash jobs, steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning, spot cleaning, and rug cleaning. 

Since we’re family owned and operated we are huge believers in the carpet cleaners.  Having clean carpets in our family room is just as important as having clean carpeting in any house, apartment or condo in New Haven, CT.

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Like any successful carpet cleaning business we’ve grown from mother & I to having three trucks on the road.  Enough about our organic carpet cleaning service.  Lets talk about you.

You’ve got stained carpets, dirty furniture and have been putting off a good carpet cleaning for a while. Whatever you’ve got going on with your carpets you want a carpet cleaning service that won’t:

  • Charge you too much
  • Do a lousy job cleaning your carpets
  • Show up late
  • Use harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Not be able to do the job until 2 weeks after you call
  • Stare you down as you inspect their work (perfectionists here too)
  • Tack on extra fees after the job

You just want to enjoy your clean carpets again without all the worries.  You want the best carpet cleaning in the whole city of New Haven, Connecticut… without having empty your wallet.  

If you want the top carpet cleaners in New Haven then take out your phone and give us a call.

We’re at (203) 712-0906. I handle the calls.  

Carpet Cleaning Services in New Haven

We have a wide variety of services to choose from because we’ve adapted to the needs of our customers. Time and time again we have a satisfied customers ask us if we also do Upholstery Cleaningor Water Damage Restoration.  

In the past, we’d have to say “No, sorry”, and give them a card of one our associates.  Nowadays our associates now work for New Haven’s Best Carpet Cleaning so we do it all!  You can count on us to your one stop shop to a neat & clean home we have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.

We look at each one of our new customers as a new referral, and hope you give us a great rating after your service on our Facebook page.  We the Best Carpet Cleaning Services in New Haven, CT!

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Hardware Floor Refinishing
  • Window Washing
  • Tile and  Grout Cleaning
  • Move In & Move Out Cleaning
  • Pet Urine Removal
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning

Carpet Shampooing in New Haven done right!

Our Carpet Cleaning service uses the Rotovac 360i which is the most advanced carpet cleaning equipment in the industry.  No longer will you need to look for Carpet Shampoo Services. The Rotovac is a will give your carpets the best clean around, and a better clean than any cheap groupon carpet shampooing service.  

To be the Best Carpet Cleaners in the city we offer competitive rates which will beat or match all advertised prices. We know you’ll love our company, friendly staff, and the superior attention to detail. No one wants to pay too much for a clean house.  

We’re family owned & operated, and understand that budget can get tight.  Bring in a deal you found in the newspaper, or magazine, and we’d be happy to honor it.  For more details on how exactly we provide you with the best & most affordable carpet cleaning services in New Haven click here.   

Spot Cleaning

Spot Cleaning service is included in our carpet cleaning specials.  Our New Haven customers love our carpet stain cleaner because it’ll easily remove all those stains.  Make your carpets look like new today.  See more about our Spot Cleaning service in New Haven, CT.

Carpet Cleaners

Our New Haven Carpet Cleaners enjoy taking your carpet a full five shades brighter.  All of our carpet cleaning products are 100% eco-friendly instead of those other guys who use toxic cleaners.  See more about our Carpet Cleaners in New Haven.

Steam Cleaning

Our Steam Cleaning service is one our most popular carpet cleaning service.  It is very gentle on your carpets but still provides the deep clean that you need.  Similar to our carpet cleaning service it is also eco-friendly.  See more about our Steam Cleaning Service in New Haven, CT.

Why Choose Us For Your Carpet Cleaning needs in New Haven, CT?

Our Carpet Cleaning Services are Eco-Friendly & Environmental Safe


Having families ourselves has led us to believe in the importance of environmentally safe practices.  Our carpet cleaning services don’t use any harmful chemicals, but rather depend on the industrial strength power of our equipment.  You can rest assured that your kids can play on those clean carpet of yours without a care in the world. 

Upfront Pricing on all Carpet Cleaning Services

Not all Carpet Cleaners offer upfront pricing over the phone.  We believe that it’ll make our New Haven customers happy to know exactly what their paying before we head over to their home.  The last thing you want to do is call a carpet cleaner just to have them increase the price after the job.  Avoid all those uncomfortable price situations by choosing Pro Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners of New Haven. 

Your Carpets will Dry Faster than other Carpet Cleaners

Getting your carpet cleaned shouldn’t be such a pain in the butt.  Our New Haven carpet cleaning specialists will make sure that your carpet is clean, and ready to use in a little over an hour.  What the point of getting your carpet cleaned if you need to wait three days to walk on it?  That’s exactly why our Carpet Cleaning Service in New Haven offers the fastest drying clean on the market. 

We offer other Cleaning Services at a Discounted Rate

Our Carpet Cleaning Service is unique because we offer a wide variety of services in New Haven, CT. We cover everything from upholstery cleaning, to steam cleaning, water remediation, and hardwood floor refinishing. You can examine our complete list of cleaning services available in the New Haven by checking our services tab right above this.

Our Carpet Cleaning in New Haven is Backed by our 100% Guarantee

You read that right – our Carpet Cleaning Service is 100% guaranteed.  If you’re not completely satisfied with your clean carpets than you are not obligated to pay a dime.  We have been offering a 100% guarantee on all our cleaning services in New Haven, CT with admiration.  Owning a home can be expensive, but keeping your home clean shouldn’t be.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services Available in New Haven CT

Keeping our cleaning services affordable is very important to us.  Besides carpet cleaning, we offer other clean services that are just as affordable without sacrificing quality.  You can expect only the best carpet cleaning services from our professionals.  We’ve been in the carpet cleaning business for twenty years, and have made it a point to keep competitive prices. 

How do you keep your Carpet Cleaning Prices affordable even with all the competition in Cleaning Companies in New Haven?

Great question, instead of using strong & expensive chemicals we rely on the high power deep clean of our Rotovac 360i.  Not having to deal with expensive chemicals that wouldn’t be safe for your family anyways ultimately save us money.  On top of that our Rotovac 360i is the has an industrial strength deep clean that minimizes the time needed to do a carpet cleaning job.  

Saving you time, and ultimately both of us money.  We keep our Carpet Cleaning prices low because we’re able to get the job done quicker than the other guys.  A quick job, a happy customer, and on to the next cleaning job.   

We’re also known for our other cleaning services.  Having a back pocket of different services from Upholstery Cleaning to Hardwood Floor Refinishing is very helpful.  

In New Haven, people want things done now, not yesterday, or next week, but done now.  Being the one stop shop for every different cleaning service throughout the City of New Haven is huge plus.  Often New Haven residents won’t want to call around to different cleaning services to get their couch cleaned, hardwood floor refinished or tile & grout deep cleaned.  Most New Haven residents want everything at their finger tips, and that’s exactly what our Carpet Cleaning Service has to offer. 

New Haven Carpet Cleaning Testimonials

Hear from our happy customers throughout New Haven, CT.  Not everyone is willing to pose for the camera while we get their written testimonial. Feel free to check out our Google Reviews on our Google+ Page too.  After you receive award winning carpet cleaning service please do us a favor and write a review.  We deeply appreciate all the great review we get from happy customers.  Our team loves to hear great things about our carpet cleaning company. 

Carpet Cleaning done quickly!

I’ve been putting off getting my carpets cleaned for a long time because I thought it was going be super expensive.  Low and behold giving a call to these fine New Haven Carpet Cleaners I quickly found it was very affordable.  I ended up getting two of my rooms cleaned, and to my surprise it was quick.  Huge thanks to the pro carpet cleaners in New Haven!

-Harold,  New Haven, Connecticut

Finally a Clean couch!

My couch was well… disgusting.  No thanks at all to my boyfriend who uses it as his dinner table.  I was getting so fed up with how nasty my couch was that I finally made the call.  I reached a nice guy by the name of Eric who was clearly passionate about cleaning carpets.  He got my upholstery cleaned with ease, and clearly he enjoys it!

-Katy, New Haven, Connecticut

Additional Testimonials about our Carpet Cleaning Services

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  This Carpet Cleaning Company does a all around wonderful job from their customer service to the prices and deals.  So happy that I came across your carpet cleaning website on google!  I would highly recommend this company to everyone.  Thanks!

-Catie, via Google, New Haven CT

Used these carpet cleaners last month for my house in Greenwich to do 3 rooms with stairs.  They were really professional, showed up on time, and went above and beyond.  Additionally, I felt comfortable with them in my house.  Awesome Job guys, I really appreciate the carpets being cleaned by a professional. 

-Jason, via Google, Greenwich CT

I just wanted my carpets cleaned, but after realizing the all the different services offered by these guys I decided to get my upholstery cleaned as well.  I thought that I got ahead of myself, and was about to break the bank.  There was a sigh of relief when I saw the estimate.  These guys rock!

-John, via Google, Stamford CT