Exterior Painters Boost Curb Appeal and Home Value

It takes on average a professional painting crew a week to complete a home exterior repaint. This includes siding, trim and eaves/soffits.

Quality paint protects surfaces from sun and weather damage. However, a good paint job also addresses other issues like rotten wood or cracks in plaster. Contact Exterior Painters Naperville IL now!

Ask painters if they include surface repairs in their estimates. This saves homeowners time and money.

Curb Appeal

Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the near future or want to maximize its resale value as a long-term investment, curb appeal is essential. The exterior of a home is the first thing potential buyers see, and it can determine whether they will inquire further or just turn around and drive away.

Curb appeal is more than just a fresh coat of paint and some well-maintained landscaping. It includes the entire visual appearance of a property, from the front yard to the back yard and everything in between. It also includes any outdoor amenities, such as a stone bench or patterned walkway. Even something as simple as a freshly laid mulch bed can make a huge difference.

In many cases, homeowners underestimate how much their curb appeal affects a property. In fact, a single improvement can add as much as $2,176 to a home’s appraised value, according to HomeGain. This makes it a worthwhile endeavor to invest in curb appeal, particularly when you can do so at a relatively low cost with a high return on investment.

While it’s important to consider a property’s unique features and landscape, you should never sacrifice quality when enhancing your home’s exterior. Exterior painters are well-versed in achieving the right balance between aesthetics and durability, using paints that are resistant to fading, cracking, peeling, and mold growth. They can also apply protective sealants to ensure that your paint job stands up to the elements.

If you’re unsure how to improve your curb appeal, take a look at your neighbor’s homes and see what elements stand out. You can also watch shows such as “Curb Appeal,” which showcases professional designers and landscapers transforming the exteriors of homes. These changes can give you ideas about what improvements to make to your own home.

The team at JLM Painting INC will be happy to discuss your property’s needs and suggest ways that it can be improved. Contact us today to set up a consultation. We pride ourselves on delivering quality work that exceeds your expectations. We use the highest-quality materials, employ expert painters, and always respect your home and property.


Durability describes a thing’s ability to withstand wear and tear and other stresses. It’s often used in reference to building materials, but it can also describe a person’s strength or resilience. When it comes to home exteriors, a durable paint job can help the structure resist moisture and sun damage. A reputable exterior painting company will use the best paints available to ensure that the finish lasts and protects the structure.

If you’re planning to sell your house, a fresh coat of paint can make it more appealing to potential buyers. The right color and style can add curb appeal and increase the overall value of your home. Choosing durable paints will also save you money in the long run because they resist fading and require less frequent repainting.

Getting an accurate estimate for an exterior painting project requires an in-person consultation with an experienced contractor. During this meeting, the painter should walk around your property and inspect the surfaces to be painted. He should also ask you about any needs or preferences you have for the project, including how many coats you’d like and whether or not you’d like to include trim as part of the painting project.

The square footage of surfaces to be painted is a major factor in determining the cost of the project. The contractor should also take into account the type of siding, any repairs needed or other upgrades you’re considering, and the ease with which the surfaces can be reached (does access require specialized equipment like ladders or lifts?).

Finally, the contractor should consider the climate in your area and the specifics of your home. For example, a home in a hot and humid region might need extra prep work, such as pressure washing or sanding, before the new paint can adhere properly.

When comparing estimates from multiple contractors, make sure to compare the total square footage of surfaces being painted. This is the most accurate way to determine an accurate price. In addition, the quality of the paint being used can significantly impact costs. High-quality exterior paints typically cost more, but they offer superior durability and better coverage than low-end brands.


The appearance of your property says a lot about you and your home, both for visitors and potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint helps your house stand out in the neighborhood, creating a positive first impression and showing that your property is well-maintained and cared for. It can also boost your property value and help you sell it faster.

Professional exterior painters have the skills and expertise to create a beautiful and cohesive look for your home’s exterior, ensuring that it stands out among its neighbors. They can provide expert color consultation and selection, recommending colors that complement your house’s architectural style. They can also take into account the surrounding landscape and weather conditions to ensure that the final results will be both durable and attractive.

Aside from its cosmetic benefits, a fresh coat of paint can protect your home from harsh weather and other environmental factors that can damage and degrade your siding and trim. By shielding your structure from these elements, a new coat of paint can reduce your maintenance costs and safeguard your investment by minimizing structural issues.

In addition, a professional exterior painting job can improve your home’s overall curb appeal, creating a more welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. It can also give your neighbors a sense of pride in your property, contributing to a positive neighborhood.

When hiring exterior painters, be sure to choose a reputable company with experience and a proven track record. They should also offer a free estimate and consultation to discuss your project and address any concerns you may have. In addition, they should use high-quality, weatherproof paints that are specifically designed for exterior surfaces.

In order to protect your paint and prolong its life, it is important to follow regular maintenance and cleaning routines. These should include a regular washing with a mild detergent to remove dirt, grime, and pollutants that can cause the paint to deteriorate over time. It is also important to keep bushes and other vegetation trimmed back so that they don’t rub against or scratch the painted surface.


Whether it’s your own home or an investment property, a high-quality paint job protects the exterior surfaces of your house and adds to its value. Investing in a professional to perform exterior painting maintenance will help your home maintain its beauty and durability, saving you money on costly repairs or replacements.

The life expectancy of your exterior paint will depend on the materials of your siding and the craftsmanship used in the original application. However, there are some things you can do to extend the lifespan of your paint or stain, ranging from routine cleaning and inspections to touch-ups and reapplications.

Routine Cleaning

Keeping your painted exterior surfaces clean is vital to both the longevity of the finish and the health of the surrounding structure. Creating a schedule for regularly scrubbing and washing your walls and eaves will remove moss and dirt build-up, which helps the paint last longer. Washing your exterior is also a good time to check for any areas of moisture damage, which can occur when the wood underneath the paint rots or molds.


Once a year, you should inspect your home’s exterior for signs of chipping or peeling paint. If you notice these symptoms, it’s essential to repair them as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration. Moisture infiltration, a lack of caulking, and UV rays are all common causes of exterior paint damage. By performing annual inspections, you can catch these problems before they turn into major issues that require costly repair or replacement.


Paint chips and dings are inevitable, but you can greatly extend the life of your paint job by performing touch-ups. During these services, an experienced painter will fill in any damaged areas with fresh paint and apply a clear protective coat to shield your home from the elements.

Gutter Protection

Lastly, regular gutter inspections are important to ensure they are functioning properly and directing water away from your home’s foundation. Clogged gutters can lead to leaks and moisture damage, which will eventually eat through your home’s exterior walls. If you see signs of a clog or debris accumulation, have your gutters cleaned out as soon as possible.